FØ WØMAN: 'Shaped by Nature' with Yo-kaw Pat

Yo-kaw Pat

The Earth is what we all have in common. It’s our garden and we grew from it.  ‘Shaped by Nature’ is a serie where we meet up with inspirational women who embody the spirit of FØ. They all have their own story, dreams and vision; shaped by the magic of nature. 

For our second WØMAN, we had a talk with beauty Yokaw Pat. This dreamer is a collector of moments. Her serene & full of magic interior has a delightful contrast with her lovely extravagant appearance. 

FILM BY : Anna-Marie Janssen
Music: Audiosphynx -Mark Berman
Concepting: The Qut Agency

Timeless art-driven pieces that are built to last, every FØ piece is an unique sculpture, thoughtfully handcrafted & made to order.



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