Jessika van der Meij is the designer behind the organic pieces which she creates in her atelier in Amsterdam. The designer is dedicated to craftsmanship and loves creating organic sculptural forms, driven by art.

The source of inspiration for FØ Jewelry is the infinite beauty of Scandinavian nature and sculptures made by Jean Arp, Brancusi and Barbara Hepworth. All pieces are handmade and shaped by nature, as wind and fire play an important role in the design process. Designer Jessika van der Meij uses a special molting technique, which makes every piece an one of a kind sculpture.

The first collection Hati & Sköll is based 
on a Norwegian myth, where two wolves gave us day and night, by chasing the sun and moon. This contrasting energy between shadow and light is the main theme reflected in the unique pieces. 

Apart from the available collection in sterling silver and plated gold, it is also possible to order jewelry in solid gold. Just send me a message with your request.